Muster X Media - Fiction, is the home of our original fiction content. Recorded as radio plays and drama's.

Content schedule:

Mondays: YouTube shorts - "Quotes"

Tuesdays: Poetry

Wednesdays: Aesop's Fables (4 fables back to back)

Thursdays: Live-stream of repeats ( coming 2024)

Fridays: "Tribute To Working At Sea" ( Ends 5th July 2024)

Saturdays: YouTube Shorts - Aesop's fables ( individual )

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   "A Tribute to Men That Hate Their Jobs."     Fiction / Comedy / Drama

   "Gumshoe"                                          Fiction / Science Fiction / Comedy

   "London 2055"                                     Fiction / Science Fiction / Comedy

    "30 Years since"                                Fiction / Science Fiction / Comedy 

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Muster X Media Fiction

A Tribute To Working At Sea

Looking for a good laugh? Check out "A Tribute to Working at Sea," Join us as we explore the absurd and wacky world of working at sea, where anything can happen. From crazy crew-mates to bizarre mishaps, "A Tribute to Working at Sea" is the perfect podcast for anyone who loves to laugh.


Classic poetry and original poetry narrated by Paul Collis

Aesop's Fables

classic and timeless stories teaching morality. Narrated by Paul Collis

Content ready to listen to from the beginning 

A brutal, but witty Portrayal of working a job you hate.

In this Podcast, there are themes explored in which happy workers simply wouldn't understand unless they listen to these cautionary tales from a man that lost his ideal job because of the global pandemic.

Be warned, that this podcast contains strong and offensive language that some listeners may not want to hear.

In addition this podcast is not recommended for younger audiences.

Warning! This podcast contains strong, offensive and misogynistic language that some listeners may find offensive.

The Name's Vert. Percival Reginald Vert and I run the PR-Vert detective agency. The year is 2055 and the police have been defunded. So if you need a police investigation, the police will charge you 1000 big ones a day. Because of this, the government introduced the "P.I Act" where the private investigators can undercut the police so justice can become affordable. These are my case files........

Percival Vert is no hero, he is a low life scumbag and the full embodiment of how not to be a man. He cheats his way into getting work, he objectifies women and is quite a disgusting human being - if you could even call him that.

Gumshoe is intended to poke fun at everyone that takes life too seriously and directly towel whips the modern day puritans in the balls because they have forgotten the fact that when something isn't funny in real life, its bloody hilarious in the land of fiction.

Set in the same city as Gumshoe, London 2055 takes you further into the underworld rabbit hole for one off stories - usually centered around an incident from the criminal masterminds that populate the once respected metropolis. With the Police defunded and not wanting to serve and protect the public London is not a safe place to be in the year of our Lord 2055 

This podcast is not recommended for younger listeners or the easily offended due to the descriptions of excessive of violence

30 Years ago the Anunaki invaded the Earth and took away all the children and the able bodied adults.

All that remained on the Earth were people that either escaped the clutches of the Anunaki or were deemed unfit due to age and medical conditions.

These are the stories of the resistance: