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Welcome to the Total Entertainment Podcast, your immersive audio experience that takes you behind the scenes of live shows and concerts, unravels the magic of production, and provides honest reviews that capture the essence of each performance.

Join Paul, your host and guide, as he delves into the captivating world of live entertainment. From stadium concerts and theater productions to intimate gigs and grand spectacles, the Total Entertainment Podcast offers a unique perspective on how these extraordinary events come to life. Get ready to discover the intricate planning, creative vision, and technical expertise that go into building these unforgettable experiences.

Through in-depth interviews with the unsung heroes behind the scenes—production crews, stage managers, lighting designers, and more—Paul peels back the curtain, revealing the behind-the-scenes stories, challenges, and triumphs that shape the final outcome. Gain insights into the meticulous choreography, cutting-edge technology, and awe-inspiring artistry that transform venues into immersive wonderlands.

But the Total Entertainment Podcast goes beyond just the technical aspects. Paul also shares his honest reviews of each show, offering a subjective perspective on the performances, the energy of the audience, and the overall impact. Whether it's a music concert that leaves you breathless, a theatrical production that tugs at your heartstrings, or a comedy show that has you in stitches, expect a genuine critique that captures the essence of the experience.

This podcast is for those who crave more than just the surface-level experience. If you're curious about what happens behind the curtains and seek to appreciate the artistry and dedication that goes into creating memorable live shows, the Total Entertainment Podcast is your gateway to the world beyond the stage.

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Welcome to the Total Entertainment Podcast, where the curtain rises, the lights shine, and the magic of live shows comes to life in your ears. Get ready for an unforgettable journey that transcends the stage and brings the world of entertainment straight to your headphones.

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